Dyson Sweepers

Looking to buy Dyson sweepers? It seems everyone is looking to buy Dyson sweepers nowadays. Dyson is now the biggest selling vacuum sweeper by total revenue sales in the United States.

Dyson is the original bagless vacuum cleaner. It works on the principle of cyclonic separation to create more suction to pick up dust and debris with greater efficiency. The 8 chambered design gives powerful and consistent suction. No more buying vacuum cleaner bags that fill up in no time. No more losing suction from your sweeper after only using it for a short period.

The Dyson’s long lasting HEPA filter system keeps your air clean while sweeping without putting dust back into the air. The big see through collection cup is easily checked and emptied. Just pop it off and empty into the trash by pulling the trigger to release the debris without even touching it. The Dyson is suitable for both carpet and bare floors.

There are many different series and types of Dyson sweepers as well as an assortment of attachments. There’s the regular upright all floor models for general vacuuming and cleaning. There’s the animal series that comes with attachments specially made for cleaning up after pets. There’s even a neat and useful handheld “dust buster” version of the Dyson. The most recent model is the Dyson Slim which weighs almost 40% less than most of the other full size Dyson sweeper models.

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