What is Spyware?

Spyware is program that is installed onto your computer without you knowing about it.
Everyone who uses computer to surf the internet is at risk of getting spyware but you can protect your self from getting it.

Spyware programs that are installed report back all of your activities remotely to its owner. These programs are potentially dangerous and they come with key logging features which record every keystroke you type in which can result in loss of personal information, passwords – even bank details.

In order to protect your self against it you must install spyware removal tools.
These tools protect your computer against any spyware and it keeps you warned every time you visit any website that may contain it or anything that can be considered harmful.

Spyware removal tools are available both in free or paid versions. They both come with advantages and disadvantages. It is highly recommended to obtain these tools for those who use use a pc to access the internet.

How can one recognize spyware?

If you experience changes such as slow run time, popup ads are appearing suddenly or your internet home page is changed from what you have chosen then its very possible that your computer is infected with it.

Spyware removal tools are something that must be installed, especially for those who access the internet.

Some removal programs allow you to scan your computer to get rid of it and others run in the background to prevent spyware from being installed at all.

If you think your computer is infected then wait no further to take any action against it because its not just your computer that is at risk its also your personal details, passwords and possibly your bank information.

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