iPod Touch Downloads

Apple really has done something special with the introduction of the iPod Touch. It's a fantastic little addition to a very popular family. Once you've got your hands on one of these very cool devices your going to be in need of some quality entertainment files to fill up that flash memory. Other than the obvious choice, (iTunes), you should consider what else is available to you as a possible source for your iPod touch Downloads.

Recently a couple of new sites have emerged on the web offering unlimited file downloads specifically for iPod touch. In comparison to iTunes these sites only charge you a membership fee and then you have immediate access to millions of high quality files with no download restrictions. It sounds like a pretty good deal so we decided to check out these new sites to see if they could be a good source for your iPod Touch Downloads.

These sites offer a wide array of just about every file you can imagine. Movies, Music, Games, TV Shows, Music Videos, eBooks, Software and more. There are junk files either, all the popular main stream music and blockbuster movies as well as all the classics. You'll be able to find absolutely everything on these unlimited sites, their file selections are really amazing. ESPecially considering that there are no download restrictions or limits. So once you pay your membership fee, you'll never pay another cent for the rest of your life, and you can download as much material as you like. It's unbelievable value!

Our testing involved important aspects like; Ease of Use, Content, File Quality, Download Sifts, and Customer Service. We found that the two sites available at the moment did all of these things quite well. Downloads speeds can sometimes be even faster than iTunes due to the fact that you'll be downloading any one file from multiple sources. You will still find that large movie files will take a few hours because due to their size.

One important discovery I quickly wanted to mention was that we found these 'specific' sites for iPod Touch Downloads did not seem to offer anything different to what is available when you join a normal iPod Download site. This was a little bit of a surprise considering there slightly more expensive to join. We were hiring these new sites would offer something special that was specific to iPod Touch, but they did not. I guess all the video iPods like Nano and Classic are very much the same as the iTouch in terms of playback capabilities. The iTouch has a larger and better screen but the playback capabilities are actually the same, therefore, so too are the suitable files available.

So to be quite honest, if you want to save a little bit of money, around $ 10, just join a standard iPod Download site because what's available is exactly the same as if you were to join a specific iPod Touch site. You'll notice on our website that our final recommendation is the top site from our standard iPod Download Review page. This site will do the job just as well as these specific iPod Touch sites will, and it's cheaper to join. The files selections, search and download tools, converting tools are all the same, and they all still use iTunes to transfer the files from your computer to your iPod. If you really feel the need to have a specific iPod Touch source for your downloads then 'power to you' but it would not be honest of us if we did not advise that these new iPod Touch Download sites are pretty much the same, just simply marketed differently. One of these new sites is actually an iPhone Download site with the heading changed to suit iPod Touch users. It all sees a case of clever marketing.

That's also another option you have. You can join an Unlimited iPhone Download Site and make that your source for your iPod Touch Downloads if you wish but you'll still be paying more than you should get the same files. iPhone and iPod Touch are essentially the same device other than the fact that you can call home on one and not the other.

Other than having access to millions of files to download these sites include with membership all the necessary tools and software you'll require to search, download, and convert your downloaded files to iPod format. Plus they all offer a Money Back Guarantee to give you peace of mind if your find yourself not completely satisfied. So check out our website for detailed reviews of these new unlimited iPod Touch Download sites. They offer extremely good value for money with millions of high quality digital media files for your iPod Touch.

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