Music and Plant Growth

Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you know that music is more than a choice of entertainment for humans? Some cultures have used music in enhancing the health and balance of mind and body. Studies showed that music play an important role in the human body, mind and spirit. These modern studies have documented that specific sounds and music are beneficial in healing since cycle and rhythm are essential in the human's breathing and pulses. The synchronicity and rhythm pattern of music affects the way the body works.

Since 1950s, music therapy using classical music has been recognized and used for multiple disorders, depression, upset stomach, fatigue, cancer, migraines and even stress. It showed that music reduces breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety and stress. The latest findings showed that music helps in mental disorders as well. The amazing effects of music to humans have welcomed interesting studies in music therapy.

Certain music like the rock and roll and classical music were experienced on plants. The effects of the certain music have an effect on the growth of plants. The similar effects of the classical music on humans were seen on plants as well. Classical music has influenced faster growth on plants. On the other hand, the rock and roll music deteriorated the growth of the plants.

However, it is still essential that the basic needs of plants must still be provided. Many plant enthusiasts must understand that plants can be attacked by predators when plants are disturbed. The distress signs from plants can be sensed by these insects inviting them to prey on them. To avoid this kind of situation, it is essential to provide the plants with a healthy environment they need.

Providing plants with clean air, water and healthy soil is important in plant growth. Health balance is a focus that must not be overlooked whenever the plant's growth is the concern. After putting all the essentials of the plants, putting some music therapy in action can be an addition.

For music therapy on plants, it has been found that classical music is preferred than loud music. Most plant growers who apply music therapy for their kind of vegetation use the classical music for its soothing effects found in plants. However, some has discovered the use of the Indian original called Shenai. It is the kind of music from its origin that is designed to improve the earth's health and energy.

You can try it too in your own garden. Just remember, you will never go wrong when you provide the healthy environment of plants first and provide them with the music of either classic or Shenai. Moreover, music with the healthy vegetation environment will certainly keep your plants happy, they will never give off the distress signs calling on those predators and you will enjoy reaping your hard work as a result.

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