Computer Job at Home – The Way to Freedom, Happiness, Or Self Slavery?

A computer job at home is a dream for many people. Why? It spells freedom. It also means happiness. It means you are in control of your own life! But a computer job at home could also spell self slavery. If you really want a computer job at home then do it the right way. I'll fill you in on doing it the right way in a second. But first lets look at the negatives of being self-employed.


– You'll have to pay your own benefits.
– It might be a lot more work.
-You might see your spouse 24 hours a day

Of course there are more negatives than this, but what's the point in listing them all. Having a computer job at home, being self-employed, is hands down the winner as far as I am concerned. Why?

Self-employment positives:

– Your level of achievement can not be controlled by anyone else. Become who you want to become! (Is not that awesome)
– No one day is ever the same, you're not involved in just one area of ​​your computer job at home, you're involved in all of it, it's your business!
– All profits generated go to you! And that, my friend, can be a lot of profit indeed .
– Complete recognition of your achievements and successes.
– You are in control of your own destiny; yes, you are in control! Think about that.
– Freedom to take vacation time, and sick time, as your online business runs day and night without you having to be there, etc.

I could go on and on. These are just a few positives of having a computer job at home. Speaking for myself, my office job was so boring and repetitive I felt like a broken down machine. So I ever got the right computer job at home, and wow, it bought me happiness. Why?

Because it showed me that being self-employed cave me way higher satisfaction than working for others, regardless of the money I made, or the hours I worked. Amazing!

Obviously, with a computer job at home, it's not the result of your work, or how much you earn, where you will find happiness, but in the process itself! Yes, it's in the process. Being in control, and doing the work for yourself, this process makes you happy. Because it's not reaching your planned destination that makes you happy, it's the journey itself, it's doing the walk.

Becoming rich is a means to an end; and that end is happiness. Happiness is a means in itself. It is the ultimate goal! When you have a computer job at home you will achieve happiness, your success will be felt in the process of the doing.

If you decide to go this way, like I say, do it the right way. Do not become a salve to your computer job at home. Avoid making the same mistakes I made.

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