Expect Miracles

I went to the movies yesterday. After buying popcorn and finding a seat, I looked in my purse for my cell phone to turn it off. After scrounging around my bag for several minutes, I could not find the phone. I remembered that I had used it in my SUV and figured I must have left it there. I said a quick prayer that it would be in the truck after the movie and thought no more about it.

I returned to my SUV about two hours later. When I looked through the window, my stomach got that "coming down on the roller-coaster feeling" because I did not see the phone where it should have been. I then looked down and on the ground outside the truck was my cell phone.

Immediately, I gave God praise for once again taking care of the little things in my life. It was nothing less than a miracle to drop a cell phone in a crowded parking lot at the mall, leave it there for more than two hours and return to find it still there.

Some people say that I was lucky. I do not believe in luck or coincidence. Everything that happens in my life is ordained or allowed by God. My job is to determine what I'm supposed to learn from the experience and how I can use that experience to help someone else.

The lesson here is that I am reminded that God not only takes care of the big things in my life but he also takes care of the little things too. Jesus said, "I am with you always." That means whether I'm driving on the expressway, sitting quietly at home or watching a movie at the mall, He's right there with me. He's ready to help me, bless me and perform miracles for me every day.

I encourage you to remember that He's always with you too. Whatever circumstance you may find yourself in, Jesus is right there with you. If He cares about the birds in the air, the lilies in the fields and dropped cell phones, how much more He cares about you. Call on Him and expect a miracle.

© 2006 Joyce M. Averils

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