Search Engine Ranking Optimization

Contrary to popular belief, search engine ranking optimization is more complex than just repeating a few keywords or adding meta tags here and there. Optimizing your site involves a lot of work, from optimizing content to correct submission. It is also not a 'precise' science. Many search engines change their ranking techniques, so expect the optimization process to be ongoing, and anticipate more than just a few adjustments along the way.

No secrets

Do not be fooled by search engine ranking companies that claim to have 'trade secrets' to make your site zoom to the top in just a few days. Fact is, no single formula applies to all Web sites. Search engine optimization techniques rely very much on a lot of factors such as your desired results and your target audience, to name a few.

Holistic approach

The more realistic method of improving site ranking involves a dynamic framework which includes general steps modifiable depending on your needs. The most logical starting point is a review – evaluate where you are now and plot where you want to be. You can then proceed to work in tracking links, and then to identifying keywords. More often then not, you need to repeat these first three crucible steps until you generate the optimum links and keywords.

After this, you need to combine keywords and then add these keywords to your content. Test run the modified site, and fine tune your keywords as necessary. Submit your page to search engines, check for registration, and see how your ranking improves over the next weeks. Do the whole process over as you introduce new sections and add modules or functionalities.

Being ethical

There are search engine optimization 'codes of ethics' to be followed. Violate them and your site could be penalized, or worse, banned. Spamming is considered to be one of these unethical tactics, but there are many others. Be sure to research about these search engine optimization taboos before you edit your site. If in doubt, consult a professional.

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