Work At Home Moms Homeschoolers' Financial Management Course

My motive for this focus is personal: I wanted to be a wahm. Could not. I was single and despairing at the little time I had for my son. I was despairing that we had no vacations, no real downtime together. Motherhood was almost the exact opposite of what I had in mind when I married and became pregnant. My credit cards became my child support. Yuk.

I've decided to change all of that, and while I'm planning on being a work at home grannypreneur, various home-school course plans float around in my head. I home-schooled my son for one half year. He stayed at home alone and did his courses (or did not, and had to do them in the evening) and what a great kid he was to do that. It did not last because he got lonely. I knew he would, but I wanted to see what we could do with home-schooling. If I had been able to stay at home and join the many home-schooling networks in our area, I know it would have been fabulous.

Here is a simple math / economic course that has immediate real-world results for children, and for the whole family. Meaning, income.

Have your child / children do a shopping list for your household needs, excluding perishables. They will probably have to do at least two lists, one for an order of goods that needs repeating every 15 days, and one that needs repeating once a month.

Have them figure out – with a field trip to your local grocery store, drugstore, Home Depot, or whatever you use, what you will need to spend approx. Including your time, and gas costs. Base your time cost on a private school teacher's salary, on the high end, because what private school gives your children the time you do?

Now here's a bonus – if your children could get you a rebate on all your expenses, and you never had to leave the house to shop – how much could you save? And could they earn something for putting a money-saving formula in place for you? Let them help you save money and time.

Could your children have their college paid for over the next few years by putting this money-saving formula in place for you?

Could you and your children earn even more money by sharing this formula with all your home-schooling friends – without charging them a penny?

Below is a template for you to look at. I truly think you will be facilitated. I know this opportunity would have realized my home-schooling dreams, and I'm already on the way to being a work at home grannypreneur.

We can help each other with our dreams. I'm honoring you, my internet neighbor, and I wish you all the best with your dreams for your family style.

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