Indian Cinema on the Global Arena

The era of screening pictures on clothes and walls has gone away. New advanced technology entertaining the field of moving pictures. Digital effects, animations are creating new history in this field and ready to fix the future of it. Hollywood was ruling the movie kingdom all the way but the situation has been slightly changing as the movies other than Hollywood are screening globally. The combo of publicity tactics and the right, talented artists, movies is on the rival side to the Hollywood. Till now its been a healthy competition in and around the industry but we cannot deny the fact that Hollywood experiencing the heat.

Since the time of LAGAAN, the holly people are afraid of the rise of Indian cinema and its global intensity. Lagaan was a clean hit which screens a fighter fought for his village by taking a cause in form of a sport that too Cricket that has a huge following globally. After that a large number of movies came and proved the strength of Indian movies. The combination of an ideal theme of patriotic revolution, Cricket and some entertaining factors lifts Lagaan on to the top of them.

Today, The Indian cinema is doing a tremendous business all over the world, apart from Hindi movies Regional languages like Telugu, Tamil and Bengali movies are doing an exquisite trade. In India,almost 10 Millions of people leading their lives by directly involving in Film making and exhibiting. The subsidies and the discounts offering by the Government of India is sufficient but they have to do a lot if we want to see Indian movies on top. These subsidies vary from state to state and the world class infrastructure we are having in India is making our movies world class and getting appreciations from all around the world.

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