The Shows You Want To Watch From Dish Network

When you sign up for a Dish Network programming package, you are putting yourself in control of the programming you want to watch. With its large selection of channels and programming packages, and an impressive selection of receivers and other options, Dish Network lets you decide what sort of television options you want. This level of customer service has let Dishnetwork win the prestigious JD Power award for best customer satisfaction among television providers and is part of the reason that so many people have entrusted their television service to Dish Network. To make the switch to satellite TV even more appealing, Dishnetwork is offering special deals that let you receive free equipment and installation, plus free equipment upgrades and rebates when you subscribe to certain programming packages.

From the moment you decide to sign up for Dish Network service, you can start choosing what you want most. Dish Network offers 14 base packages and plenty of extra channels to meet all your needs. For basic, family-oriented service at an incredibly low price, DishFamily offers 40 great channels like Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, Angel One and C-SPAN. While this is a great option for many families, most families will choose one of the America's Top packages. For Spanish-speakers, Dish Network's Latino packages offer both Spanish and English programming with up to 30 Spanish channels and over 130 English ones.

If you love all the standard definition programming, but also want to experience the picture and sound quality of HDTV, one of Dishnetwork's four HD programming packages will be the perfect match. Each DishTV HD package combines the best standard definition channels with up to 29 HD channels. Not only does Dish Network offer the usual HD (High Definition) genres of sports and movies, but you can also listen to and view cartoons, travel, nature, games, art, and fashion in this great format.

Dishnetwork also offers you a great variety of receivers to give you the most equipment options. If you find the inferior quality of programs recorded on VCR tapes annoying, you will want to consider opting for a receiver with DVR. The DVR digitally stores up to 200 hours of recorded programming so you can easily watch all your favorite shows in the same quality format as the original broadcast. Plus, DVRs eliminate the guesswork common with VCR's by letting you use the electronic program guide to choose what shows you want to record. Busy people especially love this device, because it lets them pause and rewind live television too. Not only can you choose a receiver with DVR, but you can also opt for receivers that contain two tuners. With multiple tuners you can independently operate two separate televisions using the receiver. The person using the second television can operate the tuner with a remote control that can work even through walls and other obstacles. This makes it really easy to add a second television onto your satellite system. And, for people interested in HDTV, Dish Network offers a couple of variations of HD receivers to let you take advantage of both standard and high definition programming.

Because you know the features and programming you need to make your perfect television set-up, Dishnetwork drives to give you the most possible choices and put you in control of your service. This is the end of your search for the best home entertainment. Start now.

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