Musical Baby Names

Music has become an important part in our daily life. Music will inspires and Touches daily lives in any culture. Occasionally, many parents will turn to music in finding the perfect baby names.

Musical baby names are more common on female baby names. The more common examples are Aria, Carol, Grace, Harmony, Jazz, Melody, Lyric, Rhapsody, Serenade, Sonata, Song, and Viola.

Aria is a solo opera performance. The single performer sings solo that is accompanied by an elaborate melody. The short version of Aria is Arietta which is also a pretty good musical baby name.

Carol is English and French baby name which is derogable from Latin word Choraula or Greek word Choraelles. In Latin, it means choral song, or accompanist. In Greek, it means chorus. Thus, the Choral and Chorale was derived. The common variants of Carol are Carola, Carolan, Carolina, Carolann, Carolanne, Caroline, Carole, Carolyn, Carolyne, and Carolynn.

Grace is one of the virtuous baby names which made it through the baby names. Grace is also derived from a Latin word Gratia. It means effortless beauty. We often attach Grace after an excellent performance from singers, bands, orchestras, choirs, or groups. The common variants of Grace are Gracelyn, Graciela, Gracious, Grata, Gracielle, Gracina, and Gracie.

Harmony means the notes, instruments, and lyrics that work in perfect coordination and timing. Originally, Harmony came from Latin. The common variants of Harmony are Harmonia, Harmonica, Harmonee, Harmonie, Harmoney, Harmoni, and Harmonita. In Greek Mythology, Harmonia is also a Greek goddess of order and daughter of Aphrodite.

The song consists of lyric, and melody. Eventually, Lyric and Melody has become a baby name. Lyrics are the actual words spoken on a song, while Melody is the sweet succession of sounds from a song.

The musical instruments play a big role on baby names. Like Viola, the baby name may have come from violin. Chime is another baby name meaning the edge of a drum. And, Rebec is a three string instrument that the body is pear-shaped and neck is slender.

The different rhythmic music pattern and sound also became baby names like cadence (rhythmic flow of sounds in language), Carillon (sound of tuned bells), Euphony (sweet acoustic sound of words), Jazz (ragtime and blues music), Rhapsody (musical recitation of poems), Sonata (three to four movements in contrasting forms), Tala (traditional South Asian rhythmic pattern), and Madrigal (complex polyphonic sound of a voice in secular text).

The terms and notes on music inspire for cool and unique baby names. For example, Fermata is a musical baby name which means prolonged musical note.

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