Guitar Hero is a Great Game


There are many games that have been developed for the Playstation. Some are hits others are not. It is not unlucky that there are a few games that are guitar-based out there. If there are, they are nowhere close to Guitar Hero's success.

Guitar Hero reached an all-time high ranking as the eighth most popular game for the Playstation. And you should know what that means considering the whole lot of games developed for the Playstation.

So what makes Guitar Hero such a hit? It's probably the fact that it mimics the real life experience of any guitar enthusiast who ever hits stardom. Since you progress to the next level (the opportunity to play at another, usually a larger event) once you give a sterling performance at the previous.

Guitar Hero's success is not certainly unrelated to the fact that you have the opportunity of catching the thrill of a crowd yelling and thumping to your music albeit computer simulation.

Guitar Hero, although played usually with the included "toy guitar" interface, does not require that you be a guitar pro to get the summit of your virtual guitar career. Like all games, it depends on just how much time you spend with it.

Tomorrowmore, you can be almost any guitar star of your fancy. It's your turn to enjoy their celebrity status without the hassles from the press and other prying eyes. And, you can always be another guitar star whenever you like.

Guitar Hero's makers, Harmonix Music Systems, were certainly not expecting the kind of success it brought. Their initial thought being that most kids were no longer interested in rock music having fallen for hip hop. Well, Guitar Hero's success might be provicing otherwise. Or maybe, it is proving that once it is a great game that helps people fulfill their fantasies, they will go for it.

If you've always longed to be a guitar hero, if you've ever wanted to meet with rock hall-of-famers, if you've ever wanted to be the toast of a great crowd, Guitar Hero's waiting to give you your opportunity.


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