First Date Ideas


So you've asked him or her out on a date finally, but now you're nervous about what kind of plans to make. You're probably wondering and worried about what kinds of things you should do on your first date, where should you go, what you should wear and so on, right? Well let's look at a few ideas for first dates that should help …

1. Plan a brief "get to know each other" date. These are very useful first date's when you've never actually met the person you'll have the date with. Blind dates set up by friends and family for instance, or dates with people you've met online.

A brief date allows you to meet and start getting to know each other. These should happen in a low pressure situation that will allow you to hang out together for as long or as little time as either of you would like.

Popular brief date places are usually coffee houses, casual restaurants, and local bars or clubs. I suggest not choosing a bar or club because, because these can sometimes be quite loud and distracting, which makes it more difficult for the two of you to get to know each other.

Restaurants are not a bad idea, but these do "lock" you into the date for at least the length of the meal. So if you're not sure you're going to like the person you're dating, this might not be the best choice.

Coffee houses on the other hand, tend to be just right. Meeting for a cup of coffee can take as little as ten or fifteen minutes – so you have a quick, easy out if it's needed – or you can hang out chatting together for hours if things click.

2. Try a fun date. These kinds of dates can work for first dates, particularly if you've at least met the person before. Sometimes they'll work even if you have not met in person yet, but you've been getting to know each other through online or telephone dating services.

If you know your date enjoys sporting events for instance, you can plan to attend one as your first date. This will allow you to talk a little while not having too much pressure to make conversation, and it allows you both to have fun while you're out too.

Another option would be to take your date to a concert or performance of some kind. These can end up being quite loud though, so you may not have much of a chance to talk and get to know each other better.

County fairs and amusement parks are excellent choices for fun dates too. These allow you to have time for conversation, yet still leave plenty of room for activity and fun too. This keeps the date lighthearted, enjoyable, and memorable.

3. Go to the Movies. This is a trusty stand by for first dates, particularly when there are new movies to choose from that regardless of you have seen. Keep in mind though, that going to a movie for your first date does not allow much time for talking and getting to know each other better. So you may choose to go out for coffee after the movie, then you'll have the movie itself to help with stimulating the conversation too!


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