Search Engine Optimization Services Specialist Discusses What Is Search Engine Optimization Part 13

Capture other blog RSS feeds from as many Blogs as you can. Join and use blogs that are owned and managed by Google. These blogs will get very good recognition from the Google spiders. From an SEO standpoint, use RSS feeds from many blogs and place them on your websites. Use everything that you can get hold of on the internet to change your content on your website on a regular daily basis. However, make sure that you do not 'copy and paste' somebody else's content. This is good search engine optimization practice and it works.

Start writing keyword specific content for a website or for a blog. Remember that everything you write, be it a forum post, blog, article or press release will add content to the website that you want to promote to the top of the search engines. This will happen, as you will always point to and refer to your website in the content you write by means of a link or hyperlink.

Join many free press release services. This will obviously not cost you a cent at any time. Can you imagine how powerful it would be, search engine optimization wise, if you wrote forty keyword rich effective press releases announcing your website. Remember, your content must not advertise anything, which is another important basic SEO technique.

People are sick and tired of adverts selling them something on the internet. Be very clear and do not advertise. Advertising does not work and is dead on the internet. You are executing a search engine optimization campaign to market (not advertise) your website and must there write initially to attract the search engine spiders only and not for the people who ever read your content.

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