Snow White – The Fairest of Them All

Snow White is the name of a character in a story with the same title. It was made famous all around the world by the Brothers Grimm. Her story is shared until today to inspire children to become kind and good.

Her story begins, while she is a young princess who was born with snow white skin, ebony black hair, and blood red lips. Unfortunately, when she was born, her mother, the queen, died. She grows up to be a proper young lady who is kind and giving, but naive as she was always protected.

The king took on a new wife, Vain. She is a cold hearted lady and has a magic mirror to tell her that she is the fairest in the land. But one day, everything starts to change when the mirror says that her step-daughter is the fairest. The queen became infuriated and asked a hunter to kill her step-daughter in the woods. The hunter takes Snow White into the woods, but can not find it in himself to kill her, so he lets her free into the wilderness.

She braves the wilderness and later on finds a cottage occupied by seven dwarves. She lives with them by cooking and cleaning for them showing that she is hard working.

As time goes by, the queen finds out that Snow White is still alive, and decides to disguise herself and give the princess a poisoned apple. The dwarves find them and kill the queen, but they find Snow White unconscious and put her in a glass coffin. After some time, a prince finds her in her coffin, and falls in love with her in an instant. He kisses her and she wakes up, revived by the power of true love.

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