How to Use Auto Tune on Your Songs

Auto tune has become one of most used effects on vocals. In a short period of time this effect has made its mark on mainstream music. You can turn on the radio and hear it being used on almost all songs. From hip hop to pop music you can hear the effect being used. Putting this effect on your vocal will put your music in a different category.

T Pain has made his own unique sound using auto tune. You can manipulate the same sound as T Pain using his settings. Using the T Pain settings will give your songs a mainstream sound. If you're looking for radio play, using auto tune is a great idea.

You will need the Antares Auto Tune software to use this effect on your vocals. The free demo is available on the Antares website. The software can be used in almost all recording software.

There are so many different settings you can play with to create your own new sound. Auto tune is really designed to put your off key notes into key. It also serves as an effect to give a robotic sound. Make sure to twist every knob and figure out what each one does.

After you got the sound you want on your vocals, you can take it even further by buying the actual box. The software version and hardware version are almost the same. The hardware has a few more options and tweaks to get a little more out of it.

Try auto tune today on your songs and hear the difference!

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