Les Miserables Film Review

"Not in my castle on a cloud", says Colette? Courgette? Les Miserables, a movie tackling some social issues in the 80's has depict a very good image of what it was like during the said time of the movie. It has shown how the people, depending on their social classes, were living. One of characters, Cosette, who at the very young age underwent life's cruel game.

Young girl, Cosette having her mother to work was brought under the care of a landlord and his wife who mistreated her. When she met Jean Valjean, she was finally able to finally gain her freedom only to find out that her mother, Fantine has passed away. Though devastated, the young girl who has been in need of a parent's love found not only a father but a mother as well in Jean Valjean. For years, bringing with them the past of Jean Valjean, they had been living in secret. Upon meeting, a boy named Marius, Cosette has had her heart full of love. On their wedding day, Jean Valjean having not wanted his past to bring disgrace to Cosette's name decided to stay away. Upon knowing, that Valjean was the one who save his life Marius, bought Cosette to Valjean only for him to die in her arms.

The movie 'Les Miserable' as said, has been a good movie but the moment the life of the author steps in, the movie just becomes better. It may not be Hugo who experienced the discriminations or the pain of being a member of low class, but as said and seen from the movie, a lot of the people from his country has felt it. According to some physiologist a person is defined by his community, its history and the institutions in it. France has become devastated after different catastrophes and the gap between the poor and rich has grown. Hugo turned these catastrophe he had seen in his country into a masterpiece intended for countries that harbor slaves.

As someone who's not fond of movies especially musicals, the movie, 'Les Miserables' has been a good start in entering the world of movies. Starting from the cast, each of the characters, protagonist and antagonist, even the extras has given their roles justice. The dialogue were excellently delivered by the characters with very great expression that the viewers can sympathize to them. Though some only had very few exposures, their characters left a very big impressions. Some may think Cosette's character was not that much of a big deal but remember, without Cosette in his life, Jean Veljean would've surrendered himself to Javert. No matter how small a role is, the movie had made it a point that it would have a great impact to the viewers. Although the movie was from 2012, the cinematography and effects were astounding. It keeps the viewers a clear vision of what message the movie wants to expound. All in all, Les Miserables is, in simple term, a great movie.

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