Colin Farrell – An Overview

Colin Farrell's career in acting can be classified as a mixture of positive and negative regarding both criticisms and fans. As an Irish actor acting in America, he has managed to be in critically-acclaimed films, approaching him several nominations from respected award giving bodies such as Golden Globe and the Oscars. However, he also became a part of films that did not only receive limited theatrical release but also limited appreciation from fans, turning these movies into big flops. Some of the movies he has taken part in received criticisms because of offensive content. But nothing would stop this actor from continuing to pursue his career by taking part in movies that he hopes could result into an award he has yet to get.

Before starring in films that earned him his current popularity, Farrell got small parts in television shows such as Ballykissangel and Falling for a Dancer both during the year 1998. Acting for these two television shows, he gained sufficient experience in acting that led to his being casted in the movie, Tigerland, as directed by Joel Schumacher. This immediately became his hit movie for the year 2000. Critics and moviegoers were quick to appreciate his portrayal of Private Roland Bozz and raved positively on his movie. His next American films were filmed right after the success of Tigerland but both films failed to gain the same success Tigerland had. Critics muttered positive reviews on both films but the two films, American Outlaws and Hart's War, somehow did not manage to earn the love of moviegoers.

The two films may have bombed on the commercial screen but this did not stop Colin Farrell from trying to make it big in Hollywood once again. The three movies he made after the failure of American Outlaws and Hart's Adventure have all been successful in the box office. SWAT, Phone Booth and The Recruit all managed to make it big in the money department. The way these three movies really raked in big cash to Farrell's wallet only proved that he could also be part of movies that are able to attract attention not just from critics but from fans as well. This was not the only thing Farrell has managed to prove. With his supporting roles in Minority Report and Daredevil, he was also able to show that he is not just for lead roles. He could take secondary rods and still shine despite not being the main man of a film.

His next films had been Irish independent films and did not receive as much attention as his American films. One of these films is A Home at the End of the World which included Farrell's portrait of a bisexual character. He then followed this film by getting another bisexual role as the famous Alexander the Great in his controversial movie, Alexander. This film almost failed to gain profit because of the mixed reviews it earned. Thankfully, it still managed to generate profit even if it was not as far away as the production cost.

Colin Farrell's acting career is really what you could call bittersweet as he counters this mediocrity in his earnings by recently winning a Best Actor Golden Globe for his role in In Bruges.

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