Practicing Good Search Engine Optimization Techniques

The last Google PR update was held on June 23, 2006. That means that we have approximately two to three weeks before the next one. The serious internet marketer has probably been very busy over the last three months. For those of you who do not know what these internet marketers have been doing, here is a look into consistent search engine optimization techniques.

Most of us took a vacation. It has been summer after all, and it is the slow period for internet recruiting. However, if you remember, Google changed it's algorithm drastically. This left many internet companies in a hole. If they were to survive and continue doing business on the internet, they had to dig themselves out in three months. That is not a lot of time. The next two to three weeks is going to be critical and the internet marketer should be re-doubling their efforts to make up the search engine placement that had been lost.

Marketers have been writing a lot of articles. Backlinks are what got their webpage in that prominent position in the first place. It will work again. Backlinks from articles Do not lose any of their pr because there is no reciprocal link. Writing articles also provides a number of benefits to you in the form of fresh ideas. Remember, Google loves fresh content? It is a good idea to write and submit at least one article to the article directories weekly.

Articles may be a little difficult to post every day. Blogging every day has become the main-stay for the stay at home internet marketer. It is easy. The marketer can say anything he or she wants to. Common entries include reviews on something that has been read or a webpage that has been visited.

Forum posts also create one way backlinks. You can take the same article you have written, post it in the article directories, post it to your blog, and post it to a number of forums. You can really get your money's worth this way just from one article.

Many internet marketers have been trying to get into Dmoz again. This article is the hardest to get into, but it is worth a try. Directory submission will increase your traffic as well as your link popularity.

Find other places to post your ads. Revise your ads with the new keywords that you may have found for your new niche markets. This has been a must since the last Google update. Landing pages have been hit hard. Ever notice how many info sites are there with zero pr? Internet marketers have been fixing their landing pages.

Tighten up your website search engine optimization. All of the search engines seem to have a different idea of ​​what they are looking for in a well optimized website. Too many topics on one webpage may be an indication that you are not focusing enough on a few keywords. Too many and the webpage seems to loose its glister to the search engines. Internet marketers split the key areas of their website pages into smaller more effective pages, focusing on one theme instead of many.

Higher pr link partners are worth their weight in gold. Google thinks your website is important based on the authority level of your link partners. If you want your page to be a pr5 on the next round, guess what, you should be linking with pr 5 or better partners. You can also hope that your current link partners will get some pr this time around that will help your website pr.

It takes some time for all of these efforts to have an effect on your Google pr as well as your search engine placement. If you have been practicing these techniques consistently and regularly, you should see an improvement in both. If you have not been practicing these techniques, well, there is always Christmas!

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