Tascam DM-4800

The Tascam DM-4800 is the latest addition to TASCAM's digital mixer line which provides a flexible approach to mixing and / or recording. Full-sized motorized faders, 24 rotary encoders with ring LED indicators, a dedicated "fat" channel set of controls providing instant access to common channel settings, a large clear LCD display and ergonomically-placed dedicated system controls help to make the DM-4800 intuitive and powerful to use.

The Tascam DM-4800 provides a comprehensive range of I / O facilities. For analog input the mixer features 24 balanced inputs; mic pre-amps, balanced line connections, and insert points. Both mic and line connections may be made to the same channel with one-or-the-other capable to be selected by a top panel switch. There are eight assignable send outputs and inputs for external loop effects.

The digital side is comprised of three TDIF I / O ports, as well as ADAT "light pipe" I / O and two pairs of stereo S / PDIF or AES / EBU inputs and outputs. Four TASCAM-standard card slots provide I / O expansion capabilities, with a variety of digital, analog, and computer options being available.

There are 24 groups, 12 aux sends, and 16 software assignable inserts independent of the analog inserts on the inputs. The DM4800 incorporates digital effects, including a digital reverb programmed by TC works. External effects can be looped through the assignable analog sends and returns (the returns can then be assigned to channels), or in the digital domain by using the stereo digital I / O facilities. A dedicated cascade port supports cascade of two DM-4800s.

Whether working at base sample rates of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz or higher sample rates of 88.2 kHz / 96kHz the DM4800 retains the same number of channels (64 channels) and facilities. Sony P2 9-pin protocols are provided to allow control of other equipment from one central location. The DM-4800 provides automation facilities which are independent of any external computer. The data for projects is stored in industry-standard Compact Flash Cards or easy offline storage and archiving.

The Tascam DM-4800 Digital Mixer consists of 25 fully motorized, touch sensitive faders, 24 rotary encoders with ring LED indicators, a dedicated "fat" channel set of controls for instant access to common channel settings, a large clear LCD display, and well -placed system controls. The mixer features 24 balanced inputs; mic preamps w / +48 volt phantom power and line inputs. Hard wired insert points are provided for the 24 channel inputs.

The Tascam DM-4800 provides 64 channel modules which can be assigned to any of the 24 output modules. Of these 64 channel modules, 48 ​​are "full-function" modules with 4-band EQ, digital trim and phase, and full dynamics; processing with compressor / expanders and gates. The additional 16 (simple channels) are more basic in the facilities provided, but still provide full group assignment and aux sends.

Rear panel I / O include eight assignable send outputs and inputs, Balanced (XLR) Main Outs (R / L), Unbalanced (RCA) 2-track input, 3-sets of L / R Balanced (TRS) outputs, Stereo AES / EBU Digital I / O, Stereo S / PDIF Coax Digital I / O, ADAT Digital I / O, and 24-channels of TDIF I / O. Rear panel external control controls of word clock (in, out, and through), time code out (RCA), foot-switch out, midi (in, out, and through), RS-422, and GPI output for parallel control. Additional rear panel connectors of the Tascam DM-4800 include connection for optional meter-bridge, cascade ports (supports two DM4800s), 4 expansion card slots, and USB 1.1 connector.

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