Samsung F300 – Enjoy Both Sides

Anything unique joins the world and so the Samsung F300. Samsung has unveiled an ultra thin dual faced phone. At just 9.4mm thickness, its very slim and attractive. Each face of the phone works independently. On one side, the phone works like an MP3 player and on the other face, it acts like a phone.

The dual screen comes with a 1.4 "65k TFT sub-LCD display and a 2.1" TFT LCD display respectively. The Samsung F300 is very lightweight (weighing only 77g) and has a compact dimension of 103.5 x 44 x 9.4 mm. The front face of the phone acts like a music player. Featuring a large and bright TFT LCD display combined with a touch keypad – it allows you to play your favorite tracks at the touch of your fingertips. You can make a good collection of songs via online downloading or sharing data using a USB cable.

The Samsung F300 supports up to 2GB of expandable memory card – now you can download more music in your device. Play and enjoy listening to superb quality music on the move. On the other side of the phone, there is a small LCD screen, a keypad and short-cut keys. In addition to music features, the device offers a 2.0 MP camera, video recorder, messaging services and more. Capture pictures and videos on the move and share with friends and family via MMS and email.

As far as technical aspects of this phone is concerned, its very advanced. With the Samsung F300, you can easily sync data using PC Studio 3.0. Sharing of data is easy with a USB cable and Bluetooth wireless technology. Its a unique phone and you would always love to hold the phone in the crowd.

So, enjoy both the worlds with the new Samsung F300.

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