LG U400 – A 3G Connectivity Device, A Strong Communication Device

The LG U400 is its manufacturer's first take at music phone. Being already left behind in the race by other giants like Sony Ericsson and Nokia, LG had to come up with something which everyone would sit up and take notice. With the LG U400, they managed to do the same. The LG U400 is slated as first music phone with DJ skills – which many critics think of it as a gimmick. But swelling sales records prove it otherwise. However, the popularity of the LG U400 is not just the scratch wheel but it's all round music playing capabilities and advanced options like A2DP Bluetooth profile and a world class media player on board.

The music phone sports a sleek look in a glossy black outfit with a smooth slide open action. The LG U400 is highly distinct with its off center Jog Wheel and three smaller keys around it. Presence of deep blue color enhances the overall style quotient of the mobile phone. The LG U400 is fitted with a 262k colored TFT screen as its display that handles well, its responsibilities as an user interface display, video screen and a full screen viewfinder.

Being marketed as a music phone, the LG U400 exhibits evolved music playing skills. Apart from its built in memory, the handset supports external memory cards up to 2GB. On board media player is compatible with popular audio and video file formats like MP3, AAC, WMA and MPEG4. Media playing control is performed by the jog wheel – much like an iPod. Playing downloaded music apart, one can create his own with the LG U400. Within the choice of two modes, thirty one styles, ten instruments and five tempos, one can create many tunes on the LG U400. You can stream music with the audio on demand streaming feature and enjoy streaming wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

Beside being a music phone, the LG U400 is even a 3G connectivity device, a strong communication device and a potential office tool.

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