Music in Mobile Phones – Its Advantages

Music in mobile phones is no more a new concept. From Sony Ericsson's Walkman series to the Nokia N-series, be it Motorola RAZR or LG VX 8550 all have and added advantage of being a music player also. Although mobile phones are basically a means of communication, they are becoming more of a multitasking device than only communicating device.

With plenty of advanced features embedded in the mobile phones, these mini gadgets are becoming an indispensable part of our lives day by day. Particularly, music lovers are quite happy with the introduction of music capabilities in the mobile phones. Today majority of the newly introduced phones has advanced musical capabilities that support various music formats like ACC, MP3. Also some phones with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies allow music downloading options with the help of which users can download their favorite music, songs of the artists and even video and enjoy the sweet melody while on the go.

The greatest advantage of mobile phones with music is that since both the music player and mobile phone are in a single device, users no longer require to carry two gadgets at a time. Who would like to increase his luggage by carrying another portable music player if he has a phone that gives digital music player like performance!

It is always better to travel light. Another remarkable thing is that, while traveling if you switch on to your Walkman or MP3 player you may not hear your phone ringing and is more likely to miss a call. But, in mobile phones whenever a call comes the music played in it automatically pauses. So, a user does not require to give extra attention to pause the music and then receive the call.

Other than iPods, any general portable music players do not have storage capacities. So, in such cases users have to carry the music CDs also along with the player, which again is quite hectic. But, most of the music mobile phones have sufficient memory to store sufficient music that a user can hear in a day. Some Nokia mobile phones even have integrated digital music players with a Multimedia Card.

Phones with Visual Radio and FM radio allows various other services, such as giving details about songs played, weather maps, sports results, news alerts and option to participate in competitions, get texts of newscasts and enjoy other features associated with FM radio.

Thus music mobile phones provide entertainment to its users along with mobility.

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