SEO, What?

SEO, to many people these three letters sound like a secret code. But, to Internet marketers these three little letters are priceless. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The process is one that is absolutely necessary for anyone trying to market their website and gain traffic.

SEO helps to make a site and its content highly relevant for search engines and searchers. It aids the searcher in finding your site by putting out specific keywords and phrases for your site into the search engines so that they can be found. Successful search engine optimization can help a site to gain high rankings in the search engines, allowing it to be found more easily.

Here are a few ways to easily search engine optimize your website:

1. Make sure the first 100 words of your website are full of keywords that you want people to be able to search and find your site using.

2. Be sure to use your top keywords in any links back to your site. Have those who link to your site use those top words when linking to you.

3. Target one keyword per page. You can not expect to try to cram every keyword on every page. It is much more useful to do one per page where once visitors are at your site they can more easily find the information that they need.

4. Use your top keyword in your header. Either as your title of your site or as a tag line works well.

5. Use top keywords in both the top and bottom sections of your web copy with a few keywords sprinkled in the middle as well. Keyword rich copy is very valuable for search engine optimization.

6. It is important also that when you do get links back to your site, try to only have sites which link back to you with the same information on their site that you are trying to target. It does not help to have a site about baby food with a link back to your site about how to sell computers.

7. Continue to have unique content by adding fresh pages to your site on a regular basis. Search engines love fresh content not "Duplicate Content"! This will increase your chances of having people find your site on a consistent basis.

These are just a few tips which should help to properly search engine optimize your website. Search engine optimization sounds scary at first but is really not so difficult once you get started and learn the terms and how to use them and put them into place on your website.

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