An Explanation of The Zero Fill Hard Drive Process

When you are facing issues such as your computer is slow as a dinosaur and nothing you have done seems to fix the problems from reoccurring including spyware removal, virus scan and disk defragmentation, you may next have to try running the zero fill hard drive task. We will describe more about this in the following paragraphs. Please note however, that this will remove and make all data stored unrecoverable.

To zero fill your hard drive you will need first make backups of all your important files, photos, etc, onto another hard disk, online backup service, DVD, etc. Your files are going to be all addressed out, as this procedure is going to replace all data; it is called zero fill as it puts a 0 into each byte on your disk, from start to finish. This helps if you have a bad sector, or corrupt area, and wish to do a fresh install. This task is performed on all partitions, including critical ones such as the master boot record.

At this time Windows does not include zero fill as a built in utility, so you will need to get either either online or at your local computer store. You may ask why you would need to do a zero-fill when you can do a quick format or format of your drive; quite simply answered the format option on your system does not do a full erase; you can buy numerous products that can retrieve the data. If you are selling or giving away or even throwing out your pc or hard drive, you do not want someone to be able to get access to it, and possibly personal data stolen.

Make sure you realize that by running this utility this process will take quite some time, many hours in fact. This is dependent on the speed and size of the zero fill hard drive. Once it is running however, you will not need to sit and babysit it. The utility will run on its own.

In closing, to zero-fill ones hard drive you are in essence overwriting each byte with a 0 (thus the name zero fill), this process will totally wipe out all data making it irretrievable. It is best to do a full backup of your files prior to running this utility. That is if you can, if files are on a bad sector or partition they may not be able to be saved.

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