Keyword Tools and Trackers – How to Find the Right One For You

Keyword relevancy is probably one of the most important aspects of any successful ad campaign. In order for your ad to rank high in the search engines, your ad should be keyword rich both in the title and in the body of the ad. Without the right keywords in the title, your ad will most likely be mis-categorized. That in itself would severely limit the exposure you are trying to get in the first place. The title is the first thing people read so it needs to briefly describe exactly what you are selling.

The first couple of words in the title should be relevant enough to tell the reader what information they should expect to receive from your ad or article. Let's say you are creating an ad for fertilizer for roses. Your ad title should reflect that, and may look something similar to this: "The Best Fertilizer For Red Roses." This confirms right away to the person doing a search for fertilizer for roses that they have found exactly what they are searching for. You have included the keyword roses and the keyword fertilizer and in the process let them know they have found the best fertilizer at the same time.

The same theory applies to the body of the add. The body of the ad should be even more keyword rich for both the sake of the person doing the search, and for the search engines to rank your ad and categorize it. You want it to rank high and try to get it on the first page of the search results in Google for example. People generally do not search much past the first page when trying to find whatever it is they are looking for. I seldom look past that first page of search results and very rarely even look at the third page.

Using a reliable keyword tool or tracker can make the difference of you creating a successful ad campaign or one that is just mediocre. Having the ability to find relevant keywords and being able to track the keywords people are searching for, can make a huge difference in the money you create make from your ads. You need to know what the people are searching for and what words they are typing in the search engines. Using the example I described above again. If you were to just use a title like "How To Grow Beautiful Roses", does not tell a thing about the main thing you are selling, and that is fertilizer for roses.

Keyword relevance and tracking is what I would call the most important thing you should concentrate on when creating any ad or article. The title should be between 3 and 5 words that are keyword rich and tell exactly what is inside the ad body. The same goes for the body it should have relevant keywords through so the search engines pick up on these and rank your ad high enough that people will find it when they do a search. I always use a keyword tool before starting any ad campaign so that I can know that I am getting the right words and phrases the people are searching for in front of the reader.

If you can give them exactly what they are looking for, your chances of selling to them increase significantly. At that point it is up to you to build a relationship with them, and get them to know and trust you enough to come back and buy again. Remember that your keywords attract the buyer and knowing what they are looking for can only be accomplished through proper keywords tools and trackers. If you are not yet ready to spend money on a good keyword tool, there are some free ones out there to get you going, but if you want to excel then dig into your pockets and put out a few dollars. The return for your investment will more than pay for itself.

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