Fabric Identification


One needs to understand the process of burn test for knowing the meaning of fabric identifications.

A simple burn test is done to identify unknown fabrics. The burn test for the identification of fabric should be done only by skilled burners. It is usually done by many fabric stores and designers to determine the exact fiber content. Some fabrics ignite and some melt. Burn test fail to distinguish between cotton and other cellulose fibers. Some fabric also has finishes that effect burn results.

The method of fabric recognition is significant which is done at the factories. The necessary official procedure of burn tests are conducted at the particular workshops. The fabric materials are appeared and rightly labeled on the basis of the burning fiber smell and melting. Such method helps to find out the structure of fabrics.

There are several weaving and textile factories the around the world that produces the excellent fabrics and manufactures the garments from it.

The significant quantities of different textile products created by these countries are in great demands and are procured by various weaving companies. Many renovated designers also buy the materials from these giant factories for creating their own collections. The customers buy the beautifully styled cloths from the most fashionable stores of every big city in the world. However, the common people hardly understand that how problematic is to produce such beautiful clothing materials.

The specific demands by recognized fashion and styling producers help fabric factories develop special or usual cloth materials. Various companies have their designers at vanguard of creating fashions; take care of weaver's looms and stitch cloths on sewing machines that are finally displayed at fashion shows in the most modern cities like Milan, Paris, New York and other cities.

The enormous reputations of many famous fashion designer brands are regularly rising in many countries of the world such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Ferre, Giorgio Armani, Mareilla Buranni and Valentino that are known by the names of their owners and their cloths bear special labels having passed fabric burn tests. Other popular brands are like Mango, Promod, Motaivi and United Colors of Benetton who creations have specialized style and are broadly in demand by the fashion crazy people of the modern societies.

The designer fashion companies of these categories have the special labels that have gone through burn tests. Of course these burn tests draw special awareness of the fabric producers since this process enables them to ascertaining the quality of textile material. The labels from the cloth are manufactured at the special factories.

The fabric identification is the essential procedure undertaken by the weavers as it enables them to ascertain the structure of the materials. Two other procedures are there of adjudging the fiber burn smell and fiber melt for passing the burn tests. The burn tests of the fibers are done on the special machines. The fabric producers having earned good money from selling of high quality fabrics and willing to meet mandatory requirements should have the modern technology base. The appropriate machines will produce good textiles.

Each clothing brands have their own labels that are burned on each item of its cloth. For establishing the structure of fibers even there are special fibers melting equipments. The fabric identification is done by the various fabric weaving machines. There are various machines like inspection machine, burn machine, fabric dye machine, fabric insulation machine and such others for carrying out the burn tests of fabrics. Obviously such methods are adapted by the fabric factories for the process of the burn test system which is recognized as the central factor for textile factories.

Precaution: The burning test method for recognizing fabric must be conductively cautiously. Use a small piece of fabric and hold it with tweezers. Burning synthetic fabric can crackle or trickle very fast and it curls onto skin or fingernails causing a burn. If a burn occurs, the submerge the burned are immediately in ice water.


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