Over 60! – Earn a Living on the Computer Plus Doing Brain Work


What can be more satisfying if you are over 60 than making your brain work, while at the same time you earn a living from your comfortable home. You have now mastered your skills on the computer, and deserve a well earned pat on the back. Now is the time to progress even further and amply supplement your pension. Even though you are over 60 you know that you can still earn a living as before, using new skills that really make your brain work and keep you alert.You are killing the proverbial two birds with one stone. You just need to know where to start, and this is where I can help you, as I have been through the same learning process.

There are plenty of opportunities you can find on the computer that suit you. Just think of those extra holidays, new car, and debt free life you can now have! Plus I find the whole process fascinating and rewarding. Here are some hard won tips from someone who has been through the whole process.Reading and absorbing them can save you loads of time and money, as I am sorry to say, there are a lot of sharks out there all too ready to con you out of your hard earned pension.

  • A genuine course to learn from : Do thorough research for a course from a search engine such as Google, before signing up and spending money. There are many scams out there that in practice offer you very little and cost you money. However a good start up course that offers you a complete beginners guide to marketing tools on the computer can be worth its weight in gold [almost literally]
  • Save your money : Do not be enticed to buy course after course by responding to clever sales pitches and advertising. Find the right course first and work your way through it. Do not give up as it is just a learning process, and it gets easier.
  • Two way communication : Always make sure that the course you invest in gives you the oppurtunity to ask questions. This can be either joining their forum or by email.Sometimes you are offered one to one telephone contact which is great, but this can be expensive.
  • Look for a refund on the sales pitch : Make sure there is a refund offered in case you are not happy with this course. All reputable programs offer you a refund usually between 30 and 60 days if you are not satisfied. Keep a note of the date you bought it and apply for a refund within this time if you are not satisfied. Don, t buy the course if there is no guaranteed refund.
  • Choose a start up course : Many of the courses advertised are specialized such as "website traffic". Do make sure that you find a course for "newbies" as you are called in computer jargon.You must find one that emphasizes that it is simple, straightforward, and specifically for people who want to earn a living on the computer but have no previous experience.
  • Print out these tips : Place these tips next to your computer to keep reminding you of these important basics. They can definitely save you time and money.

You now have all the basic information you need to start earning a living. Have fun, and keep your brain active and alert. Just give it a go, you have nothing to lose. I have found it a wonderful challenge at my more mature age, and I certainly love the extra money I earn. To your great success, wealth, happiness, and sense of achievement!


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