Battle Royale – One of the Best Movies Ever With Mindless Violence and No Redeeming Social Value!

If you love movies with mindless violence and no redeeming social value, "Battle Royale", originally made and released in Japan in 2000, is the movie for you. Think "Last House on the Left" with a better budget and cinematic quality but 8 times as many teenagers with a bit of "Scream" tossed in!

I normally can not watch movies with subtitles but this movie is the exception. It is incredibly easy to follow with subtitles because of its simple "cartoon like" violence. I really was not aware of this awesome film, originally titled "Batoru Rowalaru" in Japan until I heard about it online. I do not think it was released commercially in the United States or at best was given a limited release due to factors including the violent violence involving teenagers but I can not state that definitively.

The plot is basically each year in a futuristic Japan that has suffered economic problems as well as a problem with teenage behavior, one 9th grade class is randomly chosen and taken involuntarily to a remote island or location. There they are each randomly given different weapons with an explosive device locked around their neck. They are told that by the end of 3 days they must kill each other with one Last Man Standing- who can of course be a woman as there is no sexism in the "game" or they will all be killed. If more then one student survives at the end of the 3 days, all their explosive devises will be activated and everyone will be dead. If anyone tries to escape the island which is surrounded by armed military personnel, they will be killed. The winner gets to live. There is no monetary prize.

Naturally all 41 students approach the Battle Royale differently. Some are moral opposed, some are literally torn while others embrace the game. The violence is overt and not hidden. Think the ultimate "Anti-Chick Flick" but with no nudity. Note a sequel to Battle Royale, "Battle Royale 2" came out in 2003, and in my opinion is terrible and a disgrace to Battle Royale 1 as it really does not have much to do with the first one and is just plain lousy. There are apparently plans for a US version of Battle Royale but given the censorship and uptightness in American movies, I can not see a US adaptation topping the Japanese Original.

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