Security Cameras in Schools


Security cameras used in schools to monitor activities do not differ much from common cameras. They are usually purchased in bulk quantities and require complex connections. With the help of them, teachers and staffs can easily monitor students. Security cameras in schools are useful to prevent thefts, property damage and entering of outsiders to school’s property. Now, more and more schools, regardless of their status, are engaged in installing security cameras.

Installing security video cameras will help students focus on their studies and not make them worry about outside violence. Cameras control crime and are the chief sources of evidences when crimes occur. They allow security personnel to do more job-specific work, and also save money in the long run by avoiding chances of burglaries and vandalism.

Most security cameras used in schools are color mini cameras with wireless and night vision features. They come with recording systems. These systems may be analog devices such as CCTV monitors or VCRs or digital IP based systems connected to a web network. Digital recorders ensure easy storage and viewing over different monitors.

Installing security cameras in schools will cost high (usually around $100,000) as a number of cameras with cables and other equipments are needed. Security cameras in schools are placed in only public areas such as near entrances, hallways, stairwells, cafeterias and parking lots where the officials can monitors activities.

Most security cameras in schools include features such as pan, tilt, and zoom and infrared recording options for lowlight situations. But these cameras generally do not have any microphones for audio recording. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations, and often have waterproofed and weatherproofed coverings. They are specially made for long continuous usage, and work often 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Many schools often use motion/behavior detection cameras, which automatically take images of any abnormal activity around them. There are many camera and surveillance system manufactures such as View Systems Inc. who manufacture systems especially for satisfying schools’ needs.


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