C Programming For Beginners

Have you heard of the type of programming language called C #? Perhaps you have, but for those of you unfamiliar with the term, this article is intended just for you. Here we will provide a very brief, and indeed, very basic definition of C # programming, as well some of the goals behind this particular type of language.

What Exactly Is C # Programming?

Many people have heard of C programming, and even C ++, but what is this C # programming all about? First of all, just in case you're pronouncing the term "cee number" or "cee number sign," you should be aware that in this particular instance the "#" sign after the "C" is actually referring to the musical symbol for "sharp." In other words "C # programming" is technically referred to as "C sharp programming."

C # is defined as a "multi-paradigm programming language which combines elements of functional, generic, imperative, declarative, class-based and component-oriented programming disciples." In other words, C # programming is a modern programming language which is intended to be much more user-friendly than previous languages ​​of its type.

C #, like so many of our technological discoveries these days, was developed by a team from the Microsoft Corporation as part of the.NET revolution, and was first released in 2001. Later on, C # was approved by ECMA International, one of the leading international organizations that set the standards for information and communication systems.

Basic Goals of C # Programming

The C # programming language was intended to be easier to learn and simpler to use than its programming language prerequisites, and there before by it very design it is considered to be the language that most closely resembles Microsoft's Common Language Infrastructure.

The goals of the C # designers were fairly straightforward and according to ECMA International included:

– C # language should provide support for common software engineering principles
– Source code portability is very important
– Internationalization is very important
– Intended to be a "simple, modern, and object-oriented language
– C # programming should be economic with regards to computer memory

The C # language has many new features than earlier C programming languages ​​which has made it one of the preferred choices of programmers worldwide.

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